NEWSLETTER                                February 2010
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Our best wishes 2010
First of all we would like to thank all our customers for their trust during this year. We believe our links to be the key of success for the next to come. Despite a particular economic context, our activity is growing and brings us new challenges. This is above all owed to many of our customers and we are very grateful for that. Be sure that we keep things on track so that we are ready to make new great developments together. We wish you success, happiness and health. Happy new year !

Vectran spun yarns improvement

A new fibre lubricant has been worked out by Kuraray and will be tested with some of the productions in the beginning of this year. We hope this material will enhance quality at different stages :
A sensible decrease of waste is expected at the stretch breaking step. A reduction of neps that would make the final textile structure clearer, especially with thin yarn on which the effect is more visible. More info about Vectran spun yarns here

Self twisted yarn advantages in electrical transfer application

Stainless steel conductive spun yarns exhibit different performance whether it is under relaxed condition or submitted to mechanical loading. When bending the yarn or loading under tensile, fibre’s positions move and contact areas do not keep the same. As a consequence its conductivity changes in an uncontrollable manner.
A development about an intelligent textile structure made us compare and evaluate different solutions that would reduce this effect. This study led us to focus on the stability of conductivity and to consider the self twisted yarn structure. It shows better performances compared to other spun yarns. With appropriate settings, the pure stainless steel self twisted yarn has a variation of conductivity of only 10% while submitted to a load of 70 cN whereas the conventional spun yarn difference is 60%. see the figure bellow.
             Conductivity under load - Ring spinning vs Self twisting
Objective: To develop pure self twisted yarn without price raising compared to ring spun yarns. This is a great interest for woven conductive fabrics that need accurate signal conduction and it is an alternative to monofilament which have limited flexibility.  More info about stainless steel here

New website on line

We start this new year with a new website. Our hope is that will get your interest in IMATTEC if you have not known us before and will reinforce our cooperation if we are already working together. We run many developments which are most of the time totally confidential. Obviously it prevents us from presenting the latest developments. Nevertheless you will find more accurate description about materials we use to work. The newsletter has also been improved in order to keep you well informed about our materials and processes related developments that may be relevant to your projects. You can subscribe on line in the «news» part.

New team member again !

We are pleased to introduce Stéphanie Maton. She will be assistant at the commercial department. « It is very exciting to work in such a company, where products varies from yarn to fabrics or even gloves ! I have experienced in textile industry, especially in bobbins dying supply chain and this gives me good insurance to start this new challenge » says Stephanie.
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